Organisers Advice

  1. Glass and Can Free Site
  2. No alcohol to be brought onto the site
  3. Bike parking
  4. Dog friendly
  5. Limited car parking
  6. Congestion Likely
  7. Use public transport

Recycling Encouraged


Q. Are there age restrictions for admittance to the event?
A. No, it is a family friendly event with a full programme of activity for young people.

Q. Is there a facility where I can feed my baby and change a nappy?
A. Yes. There is a specially allocated marquee.

Q. Is the festival site wheelchair/pushchair accessible?
A. Yes, but be aware that the festival site is a grass field which might prove difficult for some people. There is a mobile toilet for wheelchair users.

Q. Do I have to be 18 to buy alcohol?
A. Yes, normal rules apply. There is a zero tolerance policy towards under age drinking of alcohol, use of illegal drugs and use of so-called legal high stimulants. Any one in breach of this policy will be removed from the site. Please note that the bars on site operate a strict policy on the sale of alcohol and will ask for ID if they feel there is any doubt about your age.

Q. Can I bring alcohol into the festival?
A. No. Anyone found bringing alcohol onto the site will have it confiscated and be removed from the site if necessary.

Q. Can I bring glass bottles or cans on to the site?
A. No. In the interests of safety, glass bottles and cans will be confiscated on entry.

Q. Can I bring my own food & drink?
A. Yes, visitors can bring their own food & drink but the site is STRICTLY GLASS FREE – cans are also a saftety risk so please use plastic bottles. Please deposit all waste into the on-site wheely bins or take your rubbish home with you at the end of the event.

Q. Are BBQ’S allowed
A. No

Q. What is the “leave and re-entry” policy?
A. Visitors will have their hands stamped on entry to ensure re-entry to the festival. Please note re-entry is subject to prevailing crowd levels. If you choose to leave and later wish to re-enter the event you will have to join any queue and may also be liable for a further security check.

Q. Will there be a cash machine on site?
A. No, but they are available nearby on South Road.

Q. Can bank cards be used on site?
A. Sorry, this is a cash only site.

Q. Is car parking available?
A. Yes. However, car parking in the area is extremely limited. People are strongly advised to arrive at the Festival on foot and/or use public transport.

Q. How much will it cost to park my car?
A. Standard parking charges apply for local pay and display.

Q. Is there parking available for Blue Badge card holders?
A. Yes. Normal Sefton Council rules apply.

Q. Will there be any first aid facilities available?
A. Yes, St John Ambulance is providing this service from a designated marquee onsite. Should you require assistance, please contact one of the stewards or St John Ambulance personnel.

Q. Can bikes be brought onsite?
A. Yes, but riding is not allowed. There will be an area near to the site entrance where bikes can be secured and left at the owners risk.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the Festival?
A. Yes. As long as it is on a lead and well behaved. There will be dog training sessions as part of the Festival programme. Details to be confirmed.

Q. What will happen to the money raised at the Festival?
A. The festival is organised by Waterloo Sunrise CIC, a “not for profit” company. After all costs have been met and an allocation made to begin funding the event in 2020, surplus monies will be given to the Friends Of Crosby Beach.