The Waterloo Festival is now in its fourth year. It is organised by Waterloo Sunrise CIC – a not for profit company, limited by guarantee. COMPANIES HOUSE.

Waterloo Sunrise CIC was founded by Steve Mc Griskin in February 2016. The first three events were organised almost single handedly by Steve who along with his wife Kate provided the necessary financial underwriting of the event to cover any losses that may have been incurred in its formative years.”

The success of the event could not have been achieved without the support given by the National Lottery Fund, Sefton Council, Waterloo Town Team and the Councillors representing Church, Victoria and Blundellsands wards of Sefton Borough Council. The continuing support given by the event’s main sponsor Logic Estates is recognised as a crucial requirement and is gratefully acknowledged. The ongoing help and support of Sefton’s Event Safety Advisory Group is also appreciated.

The Company has set the following objectives and seeks to achieve these through creating a viable and self-financing community festival in Waterloo:

  • To promote a positive image of Waterloo as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.
  • To showcase local talent.
  • Support local business and community based initiatives.
  • To support Sefton Council’s policy of phasing out single use plastics.
  • To be inclusive and bring people together to promote community pride and spirit.
  • To challenge social isolation and help promote mental health awareness.
  • To continue to support local good causes ( some previous activity is outlined below)

The Festival provides an annual platform for the local community to come together and enjoy a weekend full of family entertainment. By doing this it provides an opportunity for all sectors to take part and promote their services and activities to the wider community. This has also enabled the CIC to directly support the following projects: Waterloo Sunrise CIC allocated £1650 to Lifeline (a drug and substance misuse project) Y Kids Bootle, JETS Centre Waterloo and Sefton Care Leavers Centre so that each of these groups were actively involved in the Festival through different projects. A “Come Together” marquee was provided at the Festival in 2016 in which 25 local community and voluntary sector organisations were given free space and facilities to promote their activities and services. A “Health & Wellbeing” campaign including the Sefton Para Triathlon was run in 2017 in support of MIND’S Time To Change Mental Health Awareness Campaign in association with Living Well Sefton and Sefton Care Leavers Centre. This campaign continues to be supported at the Festival.

The Company also helped draft successful Lottery funding bids worth nearly £20,000 on behalf of two local charities – In Another Place and Rimrose Valley Friends – with support subsequently being given to help deliver the ensuing projects. These projects were a Living Advent Calendar produced by In Another Place and a “Celebrate! Rimrose Country Park” event on behalf of Rimrose Valley Friends. The Company also submitted a successful bid via the TESCO bags of help grant scheme worth £4,000 on behalf of Rimrose Valley Friends. The Company has donated £50 to sponsor a static bike challenge to support Sefton Care Leavers Centre and paid £150 to provide stewards at the Waterloo Christmas Lights switch on in 2017.

A submission made to Councillor Roscoe in 25/01/2019: Waterloo Festival & Single Use Plastic

Waterloo Sunrise CIC supports Sefton Council’s policy to reduce the use of single use plastic in Sefton.

The CIC is developing a strategy to phase out the use of single use plastic at the Waterloo Festival. Towards this end all caterers have agreed not to use plastic trays, plates, cutlery and stirrers. The CIC is seeking to agree a sponsorship proposal from a local supplier to provide biodegradable and recyclable products free of charge for use by caterers attending the Festival.

The CIC will hold discussions with Council officers to achieve the best litter collection and waste disposable practices to improve recycling of waste generated by the Festival.

The CIC will use the Festival to promote the Council’s policy and the reasons for phasing out SUP and to encourage Sefton residents to switch to alternatives. To help achieve this The CIC will invite local beach cleaning groups and other like minded organisations to attend the Festival to promote their activities and aid recruitment and help generate more support for environmentally aware lifestyles and practices.

An update given to Councillor Roscoe 06/05/2019.

Waterloo Festival 2019 This year we have undertaken the following actions to support the Council’s single use plastic policy. We have agreed a sponsorship deal with a local catering supplies business for them to provide biodegradable plates, cups and utensils free of charge for use by catering concession units attending the Festival. No plastic stirrers or straws will be used.

We explored the possibility of providing a reusable plastic “glass” to people as they entered the site to reduce waste when buying drinks. This idea proved impossible to implement as caterers must provide customers with a clean “glass” everytime to avoid any cross contamination taking place affecting their dispense equipment.

We explored the possibility of providing water standpipes across the site to enabe free provision of fresh drinking water to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Unfortunately for technical reasons and cost this was not possible. This type of facility should be considered as part of the “Coastal Park Masterplan” which is currently being drafted as recently reported in The Champion.

Last year we hired a small refuse collection vehicle and thirty wheely bins from the Council. Whilst we left the site in a very clean condition no recycling took place. This year very helpful discussions have taken place with a senior Council officer to help us improve our performance. This year at an extra cost we have hired a much bigger refuse collection vehicle which is able to remove general waste and recyclable waste and keeping the two types of waste separate. The Council will provide 30 different colour wheely bins which will be sign posted one colour to take general waste and the other recyclable waste. Stewards will be positioned near the bins in an effort to ensure the bins are used properly to avoid general waste contaminating the recyclable waste bins before the bins are emptied.

We have refused requests from some stallholders to use glitter in face painting, helium filled balloons and spray squirty string..


Why is there an admission charge to this Festival?
All events have different aims and objectives which influence how they are financed. A primary aim of the organisers, Waterloo Sunrise CIC*, is to establish the Waterloo Festival as a self-financing annual event which is not reliant on grant assistance. This goal can only be achieved by charging for admission (with concessions for unemployed people etc.) and growing the event. In this way it becomes commercially attractive to sponsors and organisations paying fees to provide activities such as food and drink concessions and fairground rides. This year grant funding has been reduced massively as there was no funding from the Big Lottery Fund. In the first three years of the Festival £10,000 a year was gratefully received from this source.

The Waterloo Festival 2019 will cost £22,308 at today’s estimates. This figure does not include any management fees, or costs (time spent, phone bills, office rent travel etc.)

The income projection this year is currently £20,300 (not including in-kind support given) When the admission charges are taken at this year’s event it is hoped that the £2,008 shortfall will be met and a gross surplus generated. If any losses arise they will be underwritten by Steve & Kate McGriskin. Any net surplus made after paying legitimate management expenses and setting aside funds to help pay the costs of the event in 2020 will be donated to the Friends of Crosby Beach.

Why does the Festival cost so much to put on?
A summary of this year’s budget breakdown provides an answer to this question:

Festival Costs

  • PA & Bands £5750
  • Site infrastructure (fences, toilets, stages etc.) £7858
  • Safety etc (St John, stewards, insurance, site clean) . £6200
  • Accounts, Bank charges & licences £1200
  • Publicity (print & website) £1300
  • Management fees etc. £0

TOTAL £22308

Festival Income 2019

  • Grants (Council Ward Funds, Waterloo Town Team) £3500
  • Sponsorship £6600
  • Site rentals (fairground, market, food & drink units) £10200

TOTAL £20300

Waterloo Sunrise CIC is a not for profit company. Any financial surpluses will be re-invested into the Festival and/or other community based projects in Waterloo.


At some time the following have all played a part in helping the Waterloo Festival

LOGIC Estates
Clements & Co
Sugar & Lime Catering Supplies
Morecrofts Solicitors
Delta Taxis
Concentric Sales & Lettings
Breens Solicitors
Harmonics Music Store
Sefton Carers Centre
TEAM Sefton
Friend Old Christ Church
Friends of Crosby Beach
Rimrose Valley Friends
Friends of Hightown Beach
Frack Free Formby
In Another Place
Sefton Care Leavers Centre
Y Kids
JETS Centre
Plaza Community Cinema
Waterloo Community Association
Waterloo Community Kitchen
Crosby Rotarians
Merseyside Community Association
Netherton Activity Centre
Walton Festival
Fostering & Adoption Service
Crosby Housing Association
Gateway Collective
Crosby Library
Orb Event Management
Living well Sefton
Katies Ski Tracks
Aiming High Team
North West Wildlife Trusts
Liverpool Pride
Irish Guards
1st Irish Guards Cadet Platoon
Alzheimers Society
Mountbatton Care Ltd
Royal British Legion
The National Lottery Fund
Greatest Hits Radio
Sefton Council
Waterloo Town Team
Ward Councillors (Church,Blundellsands, Victoria)
Sefton Council for Voluntary Service
One Vision Housing
Peel Ports 500 Fund
Sefton Community Markets
Phil Petrou, stage manager
Councillor Michael Roche, compere
Ross Nicol, band contacts 2016
Sefton Para Triathlon
Savage Skills
LEAP Dance & Gymnastics Ltd
Connect Dance Academy
Vicki Josephine School of Dance
Train Hard Taekwondo
Lakeside Adventure Centre
Tenshinkan Crosby
Sefton Taekwondo
Crosby Kite Fliers
Samurai World
Be Yoga
Hatton Hill Gymnastics
Waterloo Community Games
Kick PA
Ponts Family Funfiars
Willow Catering
Pyramid Event Power
Search Hire
St John Ambulance
Stage Tech
Worldwide Special Risks Insurance
RCC Accountants
Barkeley Media
Simply Print
Sefton Council Cleansing Sevice
Sefton Play Council
Green Sefton Team
AJL Marquees
Charlie Plant
Dave “Fingers”Williams
Cat Scratch Fever
La Tsarettas
Killer Beez
In Another Place Gospel Choir
Swinging Bricks
Adrian Gautrey Band
Oil Chickens
The Brink Band
Tonal Select
Liverpool Vintage
Amazing Kappa Band
Red Rum Club
Waterloo Voicepop Choir
Mamadou and the Lekette Band
South Road
Make Noise Choir
Inter City Blues Band
Jon Casey Blues Band
Happy Tuesdays
Space Cadets
Blind Horse
Juke Box Rocks
Dublin Street
Forty Four
Red Rock
Derek and the Erics
The Liver Drummers
Box Full of Sparks
Full Whack
Caramel Dragons
La Doctrina
Led Zed
Willow Catering
The Volunteer Canteen
Caz’s Kitchen
Willow Catering
Williamsons Family Butchers
The Workshop Restaurant
The Trap &Hatch
The Liver Hotel
The Olde Bank
Birkdale Cured Meats
Redgate indian
CoCo Baroque